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Vincent Gallo (Brown Bunny) - David Lamble / Claudesplace.com Interview [Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
at 4:01pm]

Vincent Gallo (Brown Bunny) - David Lamble / Claudesplace.com Interview
"Vincent Gallo (Brown Bunny) - David Lamble / Claudesplace.com Interview" on Google Video
David Lamble of ClaudesPlace.com interviews Vincent Gallo, director of "Brown Bunny".

ClaudesPlace.com is a website with movie reviews and interviews with filmmakers and actors. The focus is on independent film from a gay perspective.
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BEWARE THE COMING WRATH.... [Friday, January 6th, 2006
at 3:22pm]
first two days of THE GRAVEYARD GIRLS shoot were GLORIOUS for lack of lacking things.

man, just you wait, Kiddos. just you wait...

so good.


some of them pics are just um... really... good.

I may not share.

in other news, I carried around my friend's piss yesterday so that I could swap it with me own and pass a drug test.

I'm still waiting for the results, more as it comes.

unless, of course, it doesn't.

ok, I went.
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second movement [Monday, January 2nd, 2006
at 1:14pm]
second movement - all fear eats the soul

Idle drum, abandoned, latent beats entombed.

Watercolours lie mute on the pantomime canvas, its bleeding clotted.

Somewhere in Idaho, a young girl is lying tummy down on her bedroom floor surrounded by the kalidiscope of purple hues that is her matching bedroom set and she has just flipped to the back of her yearbook for the fifth time of the day to negotiate dialing the number scrawled inside. Years later, on an analyst's couch, she is asked if she's ever heard of the word "philophobia."

A hypnotist unable to mesmerise. Trance unset, the extent of his will begins to unravel.

Stuttering computer does its best impersonation of its neanderthalic ancestor, the washing machine. There is a hiccup in its binary code and, ultimately, failure to communicate.

Reigns lay rested, stationed now what was wagoned.

A song goes unsung and in its place, a requiem is hummed.

Words dormant on the unspoken page... trapped 'twixt the college-ruled lines, as good as unwritten.

Yesterday, at about mid-day, a man possessed collapsed writhing on the floor, trying to out-run his demons. He will do the same thing today and the day after that and for a long time to come because he is as cemented as the justified addiction that continues to burn you alive from the inside-out, the passive badge you, for somereason, naturally assumed when the man that you love first subverted your identity, the household that has taken down all of its mirrors, and accordingly, he will not excorcise his demons. He's falling to the floor now, already quaking like an old pagan rendition of the jitter-bug and as he does so, it occurs to him that the lowest rate of successful escape attempts seems to be in cases of self-imprisonment.

A lone seed, buried, haunted by the ghost of sunlight.

"IN A HANDFUL OF DUST: collected labyrinths"

(Arnold Schoenberg: Der rote Blick / Red gaze, 1910)
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an abandoned endeavor I had endeavored... [Thursday, December 29th, 2005
at 2:19pm]
first movement - dawning

All an oneric ocean, starless, bible-black, beginning and ending in the same celestial sentence... an invocation and the intristic understanding of the uncreated.

Erupting and interupting the empty on and on and funereal sense of the senseless. Early words of existence first spoken. The newborn gibberish of infancy, unlearned and spoken and sung. A slow dawning of atonal architecture. Encrypted constallations, disconnected dots, unknown and unnamed. An existential jewel box carried light years in the neon blank-verse to no eyes.

Munich 1911, uncalculated cascades of coloured cadence. Here, the glissando of a comet-tail, there, the streaming scream of shooting-star, dissonant and elongated... smeared across stretched canvas at the Thannhauser Moderne Galerie.

May 23, 1913: stars humming back and forth to each other in their own languages; the metered meter, uni-verse... and of such musicality... such incantation in the "Theatre des Champs-Elysees."

Everywhere, everywhen, and at none of these exclusively, there is network upon network, unrolled wallpaper patterned yet subjectless... as though crafted by Arabic hands. A waxing metaphysique. Continum.

The pattern tied and with each subsequent measure, "is" defined. Ascending and descending, breaking and determining... awful to behold. Becoming. Birthing.

"IN A HANDFUL OF DUST: collected labyrinths"

(Kandinsky's "Several Circles")
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[Tuesday, December 20th, 2005
at 1:46pm]
how I pass the time at work:

all work and no play makes josh a dull boy...

yipes, GG was supposed to start production on the 16th... everything's in place, more or less, but I may have to quickly re-cast one of the leads yet again. actors/models... sheesh, they breed anxiety.
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the road... [Thursday, December 15th, 2005
at 2:57pm]

"On the road, like Kerouac and Cassidy... easy riders. Two horsemen of the apocalypse in training. It almost seems a crime to spring us on a world that isn't quite ready..."
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"phew, for a minute there, I lost myself" [Friday, December 9th, 2005
at 1:33pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Casually and remarkably everything is nearing a-go on the shoot that is to be shot. with a deadline to be operational or at least available as of 12/16, presently:

-I have about half of my locations

-and conjured half a "cast/crew" who've signed their souls away including... Amy (in the role of Judy), Jenna (in the role of Jassie), Lara (a runaway), Deana (a runaway), Crystal (in the role of Lady Liberity), Diana (as co-director of photography), Faraaz (as concept artist), with a slew of other kids to go.

Things are coming together in away that they couldn't have if I actually sat back and tried to plan this thing as I intended. better this way; better to let it be natural and let the situations dictate what story I'm telling.

The one thing I am still on the search for (if anyone is in the position to oblige) is a pair of size 8 black, calf-high boots. It's the one bit of wardrobe that's provided a a hurdle.

I'm counting the days till the year's over, it fills me with a blind elation, glimmers of hope and contentment begin to shine through...

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Presenting... [Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
at 2:51pm]

okay, here it goes. it's gonna happen, I'm posting this here to make sure it does. in an effort to keep myself occupied, the idea is for this shoot to be operational in two weeks time. a quick change of a lead actress/model puts time-constraints all over this thing and, truth to tell, I thank God for them. I'm going to do this Kar-wai style; knives and balls-out... two weeks our bust.  a script? who needs a script when you have girls dressed-up as superheroes?

The Graveyard Girls is pretty much set to go, in the words of our lead, Judy James/Zombie Girl:

"I want to defy laws of gravity I can never hope to comprehend.  I want to train in a martial art devised specifically for the Angelic Host.  God help me, I want to know beyond the shadow of any doubt that I have no hope successfully facing-off against an arch-enemy... that they're faster, stronger, and more experienced than I am, and then I want to battle them anyway."

let's get this massacre started...




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Okay, forget the Portrait thing.... [Friday, December 2nd, 2005
at 2:50pm]

...I mean, moping may be my forte but that's just  grizzly. 

I use to be a storyteller myself, once, and here's my proof:

yes, that's Amy and yes that's my brother and how I do so miss our collective innocense. That, before your very eyes Ladies and Gentlemen, could very well be the first evening I was offered that non-medicinal herbby substance...

It was a Beat era story. One part Kerouac, two parts Ginsberg, and a pinch of a High School crush for added flavor. A part of me wants to re-work the thing to have something to show for myself, the other part wants to re-work it also, but is self-aware enough to know that he's never gotten anything done in the history of his history.




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yesterday was dramatic, today is o.k. [Friday, November 18th, 2005
at 4:32pm]
[ mood | elated ]

a breath of fresh air and second wind for once. it could all come crashing down on me again but for this moment in time I'm glad I'm alive, more or less well, and vaugely still me. today is working out.

my car strands me for the second time in a month and the charity of friends and strangers gets me going again. I guess at the precise moment in time that I was trying to solve my car issues, this girl Dena was in the same vicinity trying to solve her own. we both recognize each other from somewhere, although, we can't remeber where and so we're comfortable enough to help each other out and if I didn't follow her down to where her car was I would have never run into...

an old mate from high school whom I haven't seen in ages (we use to hang-out regularly 8 years ago, lifetimes seemed to've passed since then) runs into me out of nowhere and offers to repair it, expenses covered for now if I would do him the small favor of dropping in on his girlfriend at work with a rose and a little "I'm sorry" dance number.

and then, to top it off, I run into my old elementary school Librarian and we start yaking for what seems like hours about the old days and she tells me I've grown-up to be exactly who she thought I would grow-up to be and for once it's such a relief to not letdown someone's expectation of me. I'm finally able to talk to her on her own level (she was 19 when I was like 9 or something) and we have so much in-common now... she already has planned-out which exhibits at which museums she wants to take me to. all in all a neat day.

tonight I have a Battle Royal screening and a $1 buck On and Off Superfast show to look forward to.

yesterday was dramatic but today is o.k.

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doot doot doot [Thursday, August 25th, 2005
at 4:39pm]
made musical the other day.

equal parts: the autumns, sigur ros, "sail to the moon", spiritualized, "dark side of the moon," suede, my bloody valentine, and "I only have eyes for you." the sheer creative process of the thing was exhilirating.

just you wait...
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[Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
at 1:03pm]
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doing my part/what do you guys think of my childhood heroes? [Thursday, May 26th, 2005
at 10:03pm]
in 1992 america was on the verge of signing their paychecks away to a one-band glam rock revival by the name of Suede... and then Nirvana happened. they put out one masterpiece of a debut album, a bunch of b-sides that rivaled the album tracks, and an excellent follow-up EP. Then my favorite guitarist in the history of history left the band, they put-out a so-so follow-up and started the long journey downhill into obscurity.

well, that initial creative collaboration suddenly re-sparked when the guitarist/musical arranger and singer got back together for one more go as a completely new band that has to prove themselves all over again and compete with what the kids are listening to these days. The band, Half Japanese, once said that they had to kinds of songs: "love songs and monster songs." Well, this new venture, I think, can be summed-up as "bright love songs and dark love songs."

They're a fluff-pop band, always have been even with their older, darker, queerer stuff and Brett's voice is definately an aquired taste (something TOO british and dainty about it--oh yeah, and he's known for having some truly dreadful lyrics) but in the wake of Franz and a lot of other new throwbacks to the older boys, I'm hoping they've got more than an ice cube's chance in hell for an American audience now.

here's my favorite track off of the album, Apollo XIII: it sounds like motown sent out into the ether and then broadcasted back to us after being improved upon by aliens and what not. I'm a little unhappy with the mix as the live versions I've heard had a little more power in them but it's a stellar track, I think:

and this is the video for their first single, Refugees. Some of it's Wong Kar Wai-like, I thought, and well he WAS called the most romantic filmmaker alive by Time magazine, was he not?:

in Real Player:


or WMP:


thirty second samples of the whole album to be found here:

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... [Monday, May 23rd, 2005
at 11:06pm]
"phew... for a minute there, I thought I lost myself."
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a mood to match my message [Saturday, May 21st, 2005
at 8:36pm]
[ mood | dire ]

maybe it's because I'm sick today but the mean reds are back and they've brought reinforcements. I could've gone to any number of places tonight, there's quite a few things going on and shit steven fucking commanded me to as if predicting my future a few days back but I just chose to stay in-doors and sulk. i've always said that everyone has to be good at something.

anyway, it seems like an appropriate state of mind to introduce the new illustration I had this kid do for my upcoming prose book:


more to be found here: http://www.jetragmonkey.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=13

wishing that the joblo review gig becomes an eventuality sometime in a future that is a near one. I don't even want it, really, I would just like to know that one time in my life I was picked first at something before everyone else on this planet.

and as if a coup de grace, this is the second time I type up this post because my computer decided to quit on me while I initially tried putting it up.

the measure of human will dictates that I cease to be me and become you sooner rather than later.

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For simone, hater of myspace [Monday, May 16th, 2005
at 4:16am]
am I back...?

I don't know, the myspace is gobbling-up all of my spare internet time, we'll see. funny how I never intended to get one until I started a page for my psuedo-band and then found all my friends were sitting there waiting for me.

so, what's happened since the last blog. lots of pet monkey projects, really. got pulled-over by an ass-hole, descriminatory police officer for no reason other than to chit-chat and make me late for class. not that it matters since I'm going to fail but I was still pretty annoyed. I may have fallen in love a few times in the span of that time, as well. it happens far too easily, these days.

preparing to move out, I guess. and by "prepare," I mean sitting in the chair and repeating "man, I've got to move out" over and over in my mind. geez louise, somebody support me.

uh... what else...

I smacked lara in the leg with a log.. the very leg that she just had stitched-up but it's a-ok because she nearly snapped my leg in two the following day.

which reminds me, I've been catching up with a lot of old buddies, as I told lara "I've seen you more in this past month than I have in the last three years... and it's nice." friends old and new, please kidnap me away from age 22 and take me to 23 please.
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new radiohead track [Monday, April 4th, 2005
at 2:01pm]
weird new embryonic live version of new song arpeggi:


it's really pretty. greenwood uses the ondes martenot that was all over Bodysong and that track that was only on the internet, Smear.

there's also a funny tribal version of the b-side, Blue Jay Way:


get them while you can.

they've been in the studio four weeks now. it sounds like they're trying to push past what even Kid A was doing.
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why oh why didn't I see Guitar Wold when I had the chance? [Monday, April 4th, 2005
at 1:32pm]
"Guitar Wolf bassist Hideaki Sekiguchi, known to fans as Billy, died Wednesday of heart failure at age 38."
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wowowow [Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
at 2:30am]
lots of cool things happening in music:

new Radiohead album in works:


gorillaz - new video completed and shown, can't be far away now

*holy shit*

The La's reforming!

*holy shit*

if The La's weren't set to be the next Beatles, Lee Mavers was at least going to be the 80's John Lennon. what's the old joke, "if he tripped over a piano leg, by the time he picked himself up he would've written another song."

and some not so good news, no more Cocteau Twins reunion at Coachella (the designated site of reunions, apparently). At least there's still Bauhaus and Gang of Four.

and this last one is a bit of a guilty pleasure but if there's any Suede fans besides me, The Tears music video, Refugees, can be found here:


It's kind of cool, because I had been suggesting on their site that they do a really wong kar waiy type of video because it would suit their style and I think the end result is more or less that. I like to think I had a hand in it, anyway, just like I like to think I had a hand in their reuniting.
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watch this space [Saturday, March 19th, 2005
at 3:31pm]
I think in a week or so or there abouts, the Jetrag Monkey site ought to be up in a for-real way this time. Bookmark now:


which is where my profile and list of failures ought to read something like this:

A one-man band called “The Saturday Evening Post.” I fancy myself a film director during the weekdays. On the weekends I just fancy myself. I can roll my tongue, not everyone can do that but I can. Working on being able to sing a canon of “row, row, row your boat” all by myself. Likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach. Also wrote/is writing:

Subterranean Garwood: a fictional biography

Hieroglyphics: a Weird fiction

Time out of Mind: a screenplay

Insatiable Appetites: a sequential cooking show

Kid Napper: a strip, without the nudity

Send me Money: a storytelling crime, awaiting trial

Hunting Bears: a children's story

Untitled Western/Horror: a cowboy’s love for shooting zombies

Les Fauves: tba

The Graveyard Girls: tba

and there you have it. tell your friends, and your enimies, we'll take those, too.
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